Preferred User Principal Name (UPN)

Please enter below, your preferred domain name for our hosting servers (UPN). We recommend your email domain for ease of all your users (max length letter and/or numbers).
This will form part of your user names on our hosting platform and also part of the URLs for any web apps you may have with us. This must be unique on our servers so we will need to confirm your preference is available. In the unlikely situation that your chosen UPN has already been taken we will request you make a different suggestion and can provide some suitable examples if required.

An example username with UPN would be JohnSmith@Pellcomp.local (Pellcomp being the UPN).

Likely PICSWeb URL:

Required Users

Required Users People that require hosted user access
Likely Username

By ticking the below option, this user will be able to add and amend hosted user accounts for your company; at least one user will need to be marked as a hosting supervisor


Once you have entered all users you require to have access to our hosting portal please move to the next page